Best Remodels to Complete Before Winter

With winter weather now on the horizon, there’s probably no better time to address a home remodeling project than the present, so any hassles caused by the weather can be avoided. Even if you live in a warm weather climate, fall is good time to start thinking about home remodeling in San Diego, coming after all the summer activities that occupied your attention, and kept you away from home improvement ideas. Here are some projects you might want to consider before winter.

Window replacement

This is a particularly good idea because it’s always prudent to have weathertight windows when you’re expecting possible adverse weather conditions. If you noticed any kind of chill next to specific windows in your house last winter, or if you observed condensation or frost on any of the windows, that’s a sign that you should consider window replacement. If you don’t already have them, an upgrade to a multi-pane window can be very efficient in terms of keeping conditioned air inside and unconditioned air outside.

Exterior painting

Rather than working in the heat of summer, the cooler autumn days are the perfect time to add a coat of paint to your siding, to improve its appearance and increase resistance to the effects of weather. It’s also a good time to apply paint or weatherproofing to your porch steps or the porch itself. Driveway sealer is another project you may want to consider during the fall, to add months or even years of life to your blacktop driveway, and to give it that freshly sealed, new look.

Deck repair

Repairing your deck is something you should certainly consider before winter, since it will be exposed to harsher elements of weather and that might worsen any existing dryness or cracking problems already in place. Some fresh paint or weatherproofing help your deck stand up to the rigors of winter much better, and shield it from strong winds, heavy rains, and worse.

Roofing repairs

Any kind of vulnerability or weakness on your roof is certain to be exploited by colder weather and the stronger winds of the wintertime, and winter is probably the worst time of year to find out you have a problem with your roofing. Even if you’re not comfortable with making a roof inspection yourself, you should have a professional handle it for you, so that you can identify any sources of concern, and have them taken care of before cold weather sets in.

Upgrade your insulation

When the wind gets howling during winter, that’s when you really notice where the weaknesses are in your home’s overall structure. If you’re feeling drafts in various places around the house, a home energy audit might be a good idea to track them down. Then you can initiate a project to seal those gaps and add insulation where needed. Not only will the draftiness be banished, but your home heating bill should be significantly reduced, because your home is more weathertight.

Remodeling advice and assistance

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