Best Way to Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Yard this Spring

With spring in full swing many San Diegans are taking the time for a custom remodel of their outdoor spaces. The main goal for an outdoor remodel typically tends to be entertaining, as well as creating a space that is truly enjoyable and Zen. One of the best ways to create this effect is with the use of natural elements beyond the obvious plants that are likely to adorn a yard or outdoor space. It’s also nice to have a balance of all of the natural elements represented in your space for true rest and relaxation while at home.

Water Elements
One of the most obvious water elements to add to an outdoor space is a swimming pool. If you have the space and enjoy a nice swim, why not? However, there are several other options for adding water elements to your space, especially if you want to decorate a smaller patio or enclosed porch space. Some other great water elements include a hot tub, koi pond, water fountain, or water wall.

Air Elements
When creating a space for ultimate rest and relaxation this spring, you will want to ensure that you are breathing clean air. This is difficult sometimes in San Diego, but can be accomplished through the use of air purifying plants for covered or enclosed porches and small patios. Trees are great air purifiers for planting in larger outdoor spaces. You may also want to incorporate some aromatherapy diffusers and heat lamps to stay in comfort against all natural elements that may cause potential discomfort outdoors this spring.

Fire Elements
It’s always nice to have some fire elements to cozy around with loved ones in your outdoor space after the sun goes down. A built-in fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, or even something simple like a chimenea are great options for cooler evenings. Another great fire element for all times of the day is an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue pit or grill. You could even add tiki torches, solar powered or LED lighting along walkways.

Earth Elements
Natural rocks, and urban gardens are on the rise in popularity these days. Growing your own fresh produce, and even raising chickens, and other small farm animals is something more homeowners who live in urban spaces are doing to help promote a sustainable lifestyle. You may also plant your favorite flowers, an herb garden, a dirt patch for animals, and even a composting station to help reduce waste and create fertilizer for your garden.

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