Get the ultimate outdoor space just in time for summer!

Spring is just about upon us, and that means it’s the perfect time to start getting your outdoor space ready for the summer. From entertaining outdoors to lounging in your swimsuit, there’s much to be gained by having the ultimate outdoor space this year. It’s also the perfect time to start a custom remodel if you feel that’s what it will take to truly have the outdoor space of your dreams. While features such as swimming pools, hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and grills will likely never go out of style, there are some new sustainable trends in outdoor living that have caught on in a big way. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest trends for the summer of 2017 in outdoor living to help you in dreaming up your ultimate outdoor space.

Sustainable Plants
Durable, low-maintenance plants are in high demand, as they tend to be draught and heat resistant, while looking stylish. Succulents are a perfect example. These plants provide for a beautiful ambiance in your outdoor space, while affording you more time to kick back and enjoy said space in your downtime.

More Landscaping with Plants, and Less Grass
More and more homeowners are getting rid of their grass covered yards in favor of more landscaping with plants and small gardens. Grass is often difficult to maintain, and requires many resources such as water, fertilizer and manpower to keep it trimmed. People are opting to cut back on the amount of grass they have on their lawns, and are expanding their gardens, creating mini-gardens surrounding trees, and adorning their lawns with fountains and beautiful landscape designs instead.

Plentiful in Edibles
In developing an outdoor living space that is sustainable, it’s super trendy and resourceful to plant as many edible plants as possible in your outdoor space. Herb gardens and urban vegetable gardens are trending right now, as more and more people learn to grow their own food.

Rustic Touches
Once trendy building materials such as granite, composite, chrome, and outdoor heaters are being replaced by rustic touches. In achieving a truly outdoorsy look, rustic touches that are in include reclaimed wood with a dark stain, kettle grills, simple wooden furniture, and rough cut flagstone.

Urban Farming
Another sustainable trend we’re seeing a lot of in back yards is the urban farm. More and more people are investing in chicken coups, beehives and rabbit hutches, to name a few.

Water Features
Low-energy, sustainable water features, such as an urn or fountain, water wall, or a bird bath are popular in creating the ultimate outdoor space this summer.

Natural Stone
The best way to achieve a high quality, rustic and sustainable look in your outdoor living space, with minimal maintenance, is to use natural stone for your surfaces.

According to a Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study, about 71% of homeowners will be renovating their backyards this year, while 61% will be focusing on their front yards. 61-72% of people will be replacing parts of the yard, or adding to and updating it. A big addition this year will be in lighting. Over 98% of homeowners are looking to improve their outdoor lighting. Another need for remodeling this year will be due to flooding and drainage issues, as this was the number one issue reported by homeowners across the board.

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