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For the discerning client in coastal San Diego looking to realize their dream of a custom home, Wardell is a full-service builder delivering the highest quality, organized experience that creates long term value in a client’s home – from ground-up builds throughout the life cycle of ownership. 

If ever there was a... company which deserves accolades in their profession, these people would have to be the “A-team.” We cannot imagine a finer builder and to that point have just undertaken the remodel of our second story… of course with Wardell Builders.

- Jon and Bobbie, La Jolla

I was most satisfied with the reliable and intelligent creative continuing participation of the Wardell team.

- Mary Lou, La Jolla

Time is one of the best tests of quality. After over two years, we have seen the quality of their product. Everything is as it was when it was new and I have learned why they remain so open about their eagerness to repair anything that breaks; virtually nothing does.

- Remodel Client, La Jolla

Wardell Builders are professional and efficient with a universally friendly staff of workers. They are careful to select the highest quality sub-contractors too. We can wholeheartedly recommend Wardell for their ability to make difficult projects seem painless.

- La Jolla Resident IV

We are living in our new home. It is beautiful - everything we wanted it to be. This would not have happened without the support, guidance and professionalism of your staff… we highly recommend the Wardell co. for their creativity, competence, and commitment to making sure the customer is well cared for.

- Michael and Janet, remodel clients

Terry Wardell and his “Team” are the best!! We have used his firm twice and would do it again... they are always courteous and understanding homeowner needs and concerns. 

- Del Mar Resident III

…We celebrated our fifth anniversary of living in our wonderful home that Wardell Builders built for us. The time and care that Wardell Builders put into our home is still there, and any time we desire to update or maintain our home to the initial standards that it was built to, Wardell is there to help out. We strongly recommend them as a custom home builder and company. Just call us… Plus, I must add - our home still has that 'San Diego County House of the Year' look and feel!

- Joel and Helen

The Wardell team delivers its knowledge base and eye for detail in each phase of the process, and coordinates the thousands of moving parts — all to make it easier for you to create your dream home, and to have a great time in the process.

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