How to Heat Up in the Cold Months Without an Astronomical Heating Bill

We make it a point, as the highest rated San Diego home builders, to make living in your home as convenient and affordable for you as we can. So sometimes it helps to find little tips along the way that can save you a bunch of cash. It is difficult to not utilize the heat in the winter times, even in San Diego; although we cannot even imagine how the East Coast feels. And most times, we do not wish to run our heating bill through the roof to keep ourselves cozy at night, right? Here are some creative and frugal attempts to lower the price of your heating bill while staying warm.

Utilize Your Curtains
Have you ever thought of curtains as a tool to keep your house insulated? Although it is very helpful to let the heat escape through open curtains during the day time, keep them closed at night to add a layer of warmth to your home. As contractors and builders, we have learned these tricks along the way. By closing and secluding this passage of air, you and your family will remain warmer without having to do anything past moving the drapes a few inches over! Closing these even helps to keep condensation out so this is highly suggested to those that inhabit areas that tend to receive snow!

Feng Shui for Heat
Although you would think it would make sense to keep your furniture in close distance to your radiator, you are actually racking up your heating bill this way. By removing the couch and bed from the appliance, heat is freer to circulate the premises, therefore reducing your bill dramatically. However, if it just a small area that seems to be benefiting the only ones living in the space, depending on how cold these months actually get it, you may want to get as warm as you can until Spring starts to bloom.

Time the Heat
If you can’t take the bill, time the heat- it’s as simple as that. Just as helpful as Siri reminders on our phones can be, the timer on the heat (if you have one) can be a significant help when it comes to the usage of the system. Most times we forget to shut the power to an appliance off and leave it running which in turn runs our bill as well, so do yourself a favor and make yourself remember to conserve the heat while you can. According to The Conversation, “The Centre for Sustainable Energy advises that programming your boiler to turn the heating on a little earlier – such as 30 minutes before you get up in the morning – but at a lower temperature is cheaper than turning it on just as you need it at a higher temperature. This is because a boiler heats up at a constant speed whether you set your thermostat to 20°C or 30°C.” Just as you need time to get ready in the morning, it would be smart to grant your heat the same courtesy.

Install More Insulation
For some “odd” reason, most homes do not come equipped with proper insulation which can be very difficult in the cold months. Due to this common disadvantage, 25% of the heat escapes through poorly constructed roofs which is obviously heat you can really use, right? By just putting up 25cm of insulation, you can conserve and use the heat, but this is only suggested for areas that have longer periods of cold rather than our sunny San Diego environment.

Some suggestions may be more obvious than others, but it is nice to know that there is something that you can do in the cold rather than complaining about the heating bill every month, isn’t it?

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