5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Video Conferencing

Like many people these days, you may find that the majority of your interactions with family, friends and business associates occur over video conferencing. Read on for more tips on how you can improve the appearance of your home on camera!

  1. UPGRADE YOUR LIGHTINGOn camera, lighting is everything. Consider whether you will be conducting most of your online conferences during the day, or in the evening – or perhaps both? For the best daytime results, choose a room that not only has good natural lighting, but also a reflecting wall to disperse lighting evenly throughout the room. For the best evening results, try a mix of lighting sources – you will want to place lighting left and right of you, with possibly a bit of overhead lighting. Ring lights are also great to have – but consider if other members of your household will be joining you, and adjust accordingly.
  2. LOOK COMFORTABLEWhether you will be conferencing for business or socially, you will want to look comfortable. Choose furniture pieces that will support the posture and framing you want to convey on camera. For casual video conferences with family, you may want to all pile onto a sofa and will thus want to find a way to position a camera or laptop far enough away that your entire group will fit on screen. This will also allow your callers to be able to see a bit of the room behind you which helps create a more spacious and inviting view of your home for them. For business conferences, also find a way to get your camera to as close to eye height as possible for the most flattering view. Consider conferencing from in front of a book case filled with beautiful books or ornaments for a more professional context.
  3. WORK WITH YOUR COLOR PALETTEYour home can be made much more flattering for video conferencing by choosing the right color palette. Paint your rooms in colors that are flattering to you on camera, and accent with background furniture, bookcases, framed art, and other accessories for a put-together look.
  4. PLANTS AND GREENERYSubtle hints of natural beauty can make a world of difference. If your indoor lighting is strong enough to balance a view outdoors through a window or door behind you, consider trying to frame your camera view to include a view outside. Just as beautiful are carefully chosen plants and vases with flowers placed in the background.
  5. UNIQUE ACCESSORIESAccessorizing can be one of the most fun parts of renovating your home or office for video conferencing. You don’t need to have interior decorating skills or any particular knowledge either – you can just go by your personal instincts. There is a huge range of ideas you might try, including the addition of attractive vases and fresh flowers, ceramic displays, curtains, mirrors, and art pieces. Let your imagination run wild!

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