Create the Ultimate Hygge Space for Your Love this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says I love you more than setting the right ambiance for your romantic evening with your love. Whether it’s a first date, a third date, or you’ve been together for years, a romantic setting can do wonders for you in the romance department this time of year. Since Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and you will want to choose a setting that is both romantic and cozy. Another term for a small, cozy space separate from the rest of your home that makes you want to cuddle up and relax the Danish term hygge. Pronounced “hoo-gah”—hygge is one of the hottest trends in home décor right now. You owe it to yourself and your love to create the ultimate hygge space for Valentine’s Day.

Create the Ultimate Relaxation Station
In order to fully represent hygge in your home, you will need a space that is separate from the rest of your life and home where you come for the sole purpose of relaxation. This could be a cozy little book nook, a reading corner, a loft, a daybed, or even a couch. The idea is to make it as cozy and relaxing as possible, in chic Danish fashion with pillows, blankets, and maybe even a bearskin rug. Hey, it is Valentine’s Day after all. Touches of pink and red in your pillows and seating will give the space a romantic, festive feel.

Set the Stage Around Fire
To make your hygge space more romantic, you’d do best to set it near a fireplace, or to add in some candles for soft lighting. Much of the hygge culture is centered around life in Denmark in the winter, and there is much time spent cuddling up by the fire. You can arrange some cozy chairs, or a loveseat and blankets and pillows. Top it off with a warm, soft rug in front of the fire, and your perfect Valentine’s Day ambiance awaits. Another hygge element involves the addition of woody smells, so a fireplace will kill two birds with one stone. It’s also important to have a focal point for your hygge space, and what better focal point than a big, beautiful fire?

Incorporate Touches of Nature
The more nature that is represented in your hygge space, the better. This means the use of natural wood furniture when possible, leather upholstery, real fur blankets and rugs, and the list goes on. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse to go crazy with flowers. A dozen red roses, or a nice, hand-picked bouquet are enough to give the room a natural–hygge–Valentine’s Day feel.

Create a Custom Wood Bar
Another part of hygge culture involves creating a natural space where you love to enjoy spending time with friends and gathering around a bar with pals is so very hygge. Perhaps you’ll want to have your date over to your custom walnut or distressed wood bar, or have a Valentine’s Day party to gather there with friends. Simply follow the rules of hygge, and you’ll have a fun, chic space for you and your special people this year.

Backyard Retreats are Necessary
Nothing says hygge more than having a nice, comfortable retreat outdoors in your own backyard. Perhaps you have a fireplace and a hot tub, or a firepit and a pool—even if it’s just a porch swing with comfy pillows, blankets, and a table with candles, that’s really all you need to create a culture of hygge in your backyard. Gazing at the stars over natural light from a fire all cuddled up with your love on Valentine’s Day is so hygge.

If you’d like some professional help creating the ultimate hygge space this Valentine’s Day, you may want to hire some experienced Custom Home Builders. Whether you’re in San Diego or Orange County, a San Diego Remodeler or team of San Diego Home Builders is all you need to get the ultimate hygge pad for your love this year. For more information or a quote, call (858) 793-4190, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.

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