Top Trends for Gardens and Landscapes this April

Spring is officially here, and with that many are planting and upgrading their yards, gardens, and landscaping. With all the rain we’ve experienced in San Diego this winter, this spring is a great time for weeding, gardening and switching up the look of your yard. It’s also National Garden Month. With that, we’ve noticed some major trends hitting gardens and landscapes this spring that we’d love to share with you for giving your San Diego custom home a bit of an outdoor upgrade.

Rustic Meets Modern
More and more today, people are adding touches of rustic, old fashioned barn wood that is weathered to their gardens and yards, paired with contemporary-modern touches. This goes for furniture, planters, and walkways. Rustic is the new modern in a way. Pairing the two makes a perfect synthesis of sustainable function and style.

Bye-Bye Manicured Grass Yards
With the drought, and an attention to water conservation in San Diego, many homeowners are opting for yards that have less and less grass, and do not need the constant mowing, watering and trimming. Succulents, rocks, cacti, birds of paradise, urban gardens, and even artificial turf are in demand over traditional grass. Yards are also becoming smaller, with more function to their design than simple curb appeal.

Local, San Diego Sourced Materials
Hyperlocalism is trending in many more locations than San Diego. People are opting for planting endemic plants over simply natives. This is a sustainable move that reduces carbon emissions, and reflects local structures for rain run-off, and other functional aesthetics. Vintage, reused elements are also big.

Fun Spaces for the Young and Old
More custom home builders are incorporating fun, outdoor spaces for multiple generations to enjoy. This could be a bocce ball court, a swimming pool or pond, outdoor kitchen and entertainment spaces, outdoor gyms, and more. Getting active outdoors is a favorite past time in San Diego, so making the most of outdoor spaces to incorporate some fun is key.

Color Blocking and Haute Plants
Haute couture has hit outdoor space design with color blocking and trendy houseplants. Stylish people these days are adding a splash of color as a backdrop to accentuate a stylish houseplant in their outdoor space. For those who don’t have an outdoor wall to paint, patio curtain backdrops or colorful outdoor rugs may be used. People are also adorning their outdoor spaces with more designer house plants for extra style and serenity in their space.

Would you like some help in creating a truly imaginative, functional, fun, and trendy space in your yard or garden? We’d love to help with the construction side of things should you desire an outdoor kitchen, bar, patio, painted wall, or covered porch. For more information, or a quote, call (858) 793-4190, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.

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