Trending Fall Colors for Your 2016 Remodel

Autumn is the time of year where warm, rich colors are favored by interior decorators and remodeling designers. Matching the subtle hues adopted by Mother Nature during the fall, many remodeling projects include golden yellow or pumpkin orange shades, as well as coffee-colored browns, and even cranberry reds. Some ideas for fall remodeling projects are presented below, and many more can be recommended by your local experts in home remodeling San Diego.

If you’re thinking of a redesign for the fall, or any kind of remodeling project, why not take a look at the colors outside, and draw your inspiration from the beautiful, natural colors of the autumn season?

Beautiful in bronze
Your dining room might not be the first room you think of for a remodeling project, since it is perhaps not the most frequently used room in the home, and may even only get heavy usage during holidays, or when a number of visitors are on-hand. But for those who don’t routinely take meals in the kitchen, and really enjoy the dining room setting, a redesign featuring fall colors might be a very appealing project.

For instance, a coordinated theme that ties together wallpaper, draperies, ceiling, and perhaps even a rich bronze-colored carpet can convey an elegant and classically-styled feel to your dining room, that both family members and visitors will really take note of. While draperies should probably be of solid bronze color, wallpaper could have any number of appealing bronze-themed prints, and a luxurious carpet could really accentuate the overall appeal of the room. Tie it all together with a soft orange-colored centerpiece on the dining room table, and this room becomes a work of art.

Living room lounging
Transform your living room into a warm, inviting lounge area, highlighted by the soft oranges and browns of the fall season. Lounge chairs and rocking chairs with warm, leather upholstery can provide a comfortable and visually appealing look to household occupants seeking relaxation after the day’s exertions.

Couple that with modular sofa components upholstered in pumpkin orange, accompanied by a variety of pillows and cushions which capture the full range of yellow to chocolate brown colors. Beige-hued walls soften the tone of the deeper colors, and add to the relaxing feel of the room. For finishing touches, add a fall themed centerpiece on your coffee table, and complete the decoration scheme with a very soft orange or brown area rug, to coordinate and emphasize all the beautiful, natural colors.

Wine-colored hideaway bar
Wouldn’t it be great to have one little hideaway area of your home remodeled into a bar area where you could entertain party guests, or simply unwind after a tough business day? One great place to set this up might be under a wide staircase which has no other designated function, and would provide a wonderful setting for a quiet, relaxing beverage. This area can be wallpapered in the golden tones of a white or rose wine, with chairs upholstered in a rich, red-wine colored fabric. Add in a chocolate-colored wine cabinet and some soft lighting, and presto – you have a lovely, fall-themed hideaway bar!

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