Thanksgiving Home Decor

With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be wondering how to decorate your home—especially your dinner table. Here are some great DIY ideas of how to make your home more festive with a bit of earthy country chic for the late fall season.

Welcome One and All
Door décor doesn’t have to be for just Christmas. It can be for Thanksgiving, too. Use silk ribbons and using a hot glue gun, attach pine cones to the ends of the ribbons. Tie the silk ribbons together and hang the decoration on your door.

Use leaves and berries and wrap them around a door greeting for your guests. You can create a chalkboard with some chalkboard paint and an old tray, and use your fanciest script to write a welcome message.

Getting Centered
Centerpieces can easily pull a Thanksgiving table look together. Try these creative ideas.

-Try placing artificial fruit in a bowl or platter, such as pomegranates, and covering them with gold or copper leaf for a gilded look.
-You may have some fall flowers and candles that you may want to use, but get creative about where to put them. Use a utensil holder or old wooden spools for flowers. A roll of jute twine can be a tapered candle holder.
-If you still want a vase, try a faux pumpkin one. Or, you can use a real one after you’ve scooped out all the pulp and seeds and fill it with floral foam at the bottom of it.
-But if you’d rather focus on your food, then consider moving the centerpiece to a buffet or a side table.

A Seat at the Table
The dinner table has more going on than the centerpieces. There’s also where everyone will seat. Here are some ideas about how to creatively let your family and guests know where to sit. For the kids’ table, try a kraft paper tablecloth. Draw the place settings with a marker and leave out some crayons in terracotta pots so they can eat and doodle. Unique place settings can be a novel way to freshen up your Thanksgiving look. Even though you’re probably prepared to give people some leftovers to take home, how about some favors? These acorn cap candles can be put in a little box with some matches and a strip of sandpaper for a striker. If you want to personalize it further, use a frame stamp like this and then write a thoughtful message.

Gather ‘Round
Wreaths can bring an unexpected autumnal touch—and we’re not just talking about fall foliage. Consider other materials such as dried wheat, wire, and a big colorful bow, shaping the wire in a horseshoe shape. Or, you can arrange corn husks into a sunburst formation, painting the tips with gold acrylic paint.

Give Thanks
A great activity to do when you’re gathered together is to give thanks. These clever printable thankful tree leaves can be given out to everyone, along with writing utensils. People can share what they are thankful for, and then, when everyone is done, they can be tied to a decorative tree. As San Diego home builders, we want to help you with building your dream home, remodel your home, or build on a new room. Contact us today to learn more about services, contractors and builders. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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