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As the years go by, you may find an extra room would better suffice as a home-office or perhaps an entertainment area. There are also instances where your bedroom and bathroom no longer reflect your personality and need for a sanctuary. Wardell is here to discuss all of these different options with you and come up with feasible solutions. A home remodel should be an exciting change in your life because it brings opportunity to enhance the appearance, use and efficiency of a place in your world.


The notion of wellness can be conveyed through usage of sustainable materials in your kitchen design, as well as through decorations and accessories which emphasize natural objects from the environment and from foods. Simplicity and tranquility also say ‘wellness’, so if the kitchen is where your thinking is for next year, keep it simple and peaceful.

Ceilings often get left out of the interior design parade, since so few people actually look up to appreciate them. But in 2020, a lot more people are becoming fascinated with the possibilities of including lacquered or painted ceilings, wallpapered ceilings, and even ceilings with molding. This is an area which is very ripe for re-imagination, so give your creativity free reign in visualizing a new statement ceiling.

The Process

We will have a collaborative meeting with you and your designer to discuss your vision for your remodel. We will provide suggestions based on our knowledge about emerging trends in home improvement, as well as our extensive building experience.

After our initial consultations, we will begin our presentation development process. We will incorporate your design ideas with our knowledge-base and experience, recommending innovative home features while providing cost-saving measures wherever possible.

This is where we show you our project presentation and provide you with an estimated project cost. We will make any revisions as necessary and meet again to finalize the project details.

Our certified selections coordinator will work with you to find the right time to go shopping for all necessary products for your project.

We submit all the necessary paperwork to the county and city for the project plans.

This is when it all comes together and Wardell makes your design a reality. We implement the design in your home and work to stay in budget and on time. We stay in constant communication with you so you have all the updates and details. Once the project is complete, we give you any further paperwork and appreciate feedback you have to offer.

Get in Touch

Our professionals will meet with you to discuss the entire process and different ways you can get the most use out of your remodel. We stay up to date on all of the latest home trends and do research on what can bring you the best value for your home. Every project is guided by communication and fulfilling our clients’ needs, styles and desires. Above anything else, we treat your home remodel as if it were our own. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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