Home Additions San Diego

Are you looking at adding a home addition to your San Diego home? Room additions are a fun and unique way to increase the visual appearance, functionality, and value of your home. During our in home consultation, our experts aim to best educate our customers on the many options that are available and to eventually plan and budget an addition that best fits your needs.

With 30+ years experience, Wardell Builders has helped San Diego residents with home additions of all shapes and sizes. There are a few varieties of home additions that are more common than others, but our experience is second to none in evaluating your goals and supplying the perfect end project completion.

Second Story Addition

Before staring out a 2nd story home addition, there are a few items you’ll need to take in to consideration before taking on the project. Local codes must be thoroughly reviewed just to make sure that you are able to build a second floor, as some laws may prohibit the building of second floors due to the affect it has on neighbors or because of the general aesthetics of the area. If you need help figuring out whether it is allowed or not to build a second story addition, our team can help you navigate the various local codes. After the research has been done we can provide you the best options on whether to move forward with the project, but adding a second story to your home can not only add comfort to your lifestyle, but also increase the value of your home greatly.

Bathroom Addition

Before adding a bathroom addition to your home, it is crucial to review your existing home’s plans to make sure that nothing will impede the room addition’s construction. When adding a bathroom addition to a home, we need to check the underground utilities, septic tank, drainage easements to ensure that everything can be built. Although in some cases it is possible to move existing pipes, the location of all these items will impact the project and the price.

Family Room Addition

Building a home extension for the purpose of adding a family room is a great way to increase both the value and functionality of any home, a family room when designed correctly, can be the focal point of a home, it is a space where anything goes allowing flexibility unlike any other type of home addition. Adding a family room is normally cheaper than other kinds of additions since they don’t usually require much work other than the basic foundation, framing, roof and finishing work.

No matter what room addition you want to add to your home, it is a win-win solution to all your space problems in the house. But remember, it requires all the same things as a new home construction including permitting, foundation, zoning, framing, flooring, electrical, new windows, plumbing, and other potential things that might come up. But Wardell takes pride in having the experience in adding home additions and making the entire process a smooth and hassle free process.

Hiring the wrong construction contractor can have devastating consequences for your home remodeling project. Wardell Builders is you best choice for a home addition San Diego to your home and you can count on their impressive experience in the field. The positive reviews from our previous customers are highlighting our great professionalism and skills.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your project!

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