5 Secrets to Home Building That True Remodelers Will Know

So, there are certain ways to ensure that your contractor/ home remodeler know exactly what they are doing when creating a home for you. We have decided to share these secrets with you to allow you the ability to ask the right questions and feel out if the person is right for the job. And, hey, if you find that they don’t match the criteria, you can always give us a call!

1. Proper Insulation.

It is so vital that a home contractor has the proper knowledge when creating your insulation throughout the house. Just because we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place like San Diego, that rarely experiences weather changes, does not mean we take insulation lightly. No matter where you are in the world, temperature will drop and rise and it is important to have a proper system in place that will not require too much of your air conditioning or heat. Think of this portion of the job as an investment of time and, okay yes, money. But think of the loads of money you will save when you don’t need to run the heater all winter and the AC all summer because your contractor was smart and knowledgeable.

2. A Modern Kitchen

A great kitchen can be the difference between a short-term home and long-term home; especially by female opinion. It is so much more beyond just the size ofa room though; we are talking appliances, furnishings, structure, more. Researchers and engineers have even found that a larger surface area holding heavy appliances stresses finished floors much more than they should be; which we found in our years of creating homes as well. Only truly experienced remodelers will understand how vast a kitchen should be when implementing steel appliances to its surface, or how to lay down a proper foundation of flooring to begin with; something a lot of people do not consider when considering purchasing homes and remodeling theirs.

3. Get the Walls Right

As simple as it sounds to construct walling, it is much more complex than it seems. When choosing the right type of exterior walls, a contractor or home remodeler, that is considered knowledgeable, understands which products are used to avoid air leakage and utilize built-in water barriers. These are highly important to implement in order to keep you and your family safe, healthy, and warm all at the same time. An inexperienced “professional” might not have this type of education that knows the next-generation exterior systems like the back of their hand, but you always have us here at Wardell!

4. Flooring

Getting the flooring right, which maybe we should have started with, is incremental to the way your house will age. Many contractors know what they are doing when it comes to flooring but you would be surprised at the ones that aren’t aware of how important subflooring is. The best to describe the purpose of subflooring would be to compare it a box-spring to a mattress; just like the mattress needs a foundation to rest upon, floors always need a special layer of subflooring to keep them stable and safe. This is easily overlooked as we do not think of the sub-zones very often, we just simple step on them. But, if you decide to go with our San Diego home remodeling company, we can assure you that all of these tips will be perfectly executed and to your liking.

if you are interested in working with us, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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