10 Celebrity Worthy Features for Your Custom Home

When designing your custom dream home, you’ll want to ensure you have the absolute best features and style to fit your unique taste and lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorite celebrity worthy custom home upgrades that will make you feel like a king or queen in your abode.

Kitchen Upgrades

A luxury kitchen is one of the most important elements in creating the home of your dreams. This extends far beyond marble or granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough space to get creative in the kitchen, and entertain guests. Here are some simple upgrades that will make you feel like you have a personal assistant while you cook.

Built in vacuum: This is a great invention that allows you to sweep your mess right into a suction slit in the wall.
Cutting board waste chute: When you’re finished chopping, just push your waste into the center hole of the cutting board which attaches to your trash collector below.
Warming drawer: Whether dinner is ready and your family isn’t, or you’re cooking multiple courses, this typical seeming kitchen drawer will conveniently warm your food until it’s ready to be served.

Outdoor Upgrades

If you want to live like a celebrity, it’s essential to customize your outdoor space Beyond having a nice patio, porch or backyard, you’ll want to ensure you have all of the amenities fit for the party of the year. Here are our top outdoor upgrades for your custom outdoor space.

Custom pool: Whether it’s a custom shape, infinity style or both, you’ll want your pool to stand out. You could even add a custom hot tub and waterfall.
Outdoor kitchen: Outdoor entertaining doesn’t get much better when you have a pool and an outdoor kitchen. Fire up the grill, and if you’re feeling like a party, add in a custom bar.
Fire pit: After a day of sun at the pool, or an evening barbeque, there’s nothing more relaxing than gathering around a fire pit with friends and sharing some memories. These can be above ground, or built-in.

Custom Bath

Your bathroom should be sacred, as it’s your private place to relax, rejuvenate and refresh at the end of a long day. It’s important to have a bathroom that reflects your unique sense of style, while bringing a sense of Zen and comfortability.

Jetted tub: Some days, there’s nothing better than coming home and relaxing in a big jetted tub. This may be an essential for your desired level of bathroom luxury and comfort.
His and her space: This is key for couples who share a bathroom. Having your own vanity or sink, and organized space holding everything you need, right where you need it, is key.
Heated floors: In the cooler months, your toes will thank you. This is the ultimate upgrade of luxury for your bathroom.

Custom Builders

The most important feature for the best San Diego custom home of your dreams is having the best San Diego home builder on your side for years to come. Wardell Builders specialize in not only helping you create your dream home and building it, but we stick around for maintenance and repairs, remodels, and even second and third homes. Having a long-term relationship with your custom builder is the most important feature for your dream space. If you’re interested in home remodeling in San Diego, call (858) 793-4190 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to seeing you.

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