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Wardell Builders is a team made up of dedicated professionals who all know the importance of creating value in a home. We have been building custom homes for decades and have been recognized for our attention to detail, quality results, clear communication and on-track progress. Wardell has won a range of both national and local awards from the National Custom Home Builder Award to the BIA Award for Customer Satisfaction.

We understand how the quality of your home affects your daily life and we always put your needs and desires first.

Sustainable Living

Building a new home with today’s sustainable advancements makes life more efficient, more cost-effective and overall a better experience. At Wardell, we look into the various ways we can implement eco-friendly components in your home. We have taken the initiative to become LEED certified and surpass government requirements.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is defined by the U.S. Green Council as “a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.” Wardell prides itself on this achievement and believes it shows the dedication and commitment we have to eco-friendly building.

There are many ways to build green and despite common belief, they do not cost you more. In reality, going green saves money in the long run while providing a healthier lifestyle. There are many simple ways to benefit the air quality in your home along with reduce water and energy consumption. Our certified green professionals have knowledge on all of the approaches to enhance sustainability.

As seen in our mission, Wardell Builders creates client’s dreams with an emphasis on sustainability and our client’s health.

Here are some of the aspects we like to cover in building green:


A house can be physically designed to naturally intake desired sun and wind breezes. The shape, roof style and orientation can give your home natural lighting, heating and cooling. Depending on the chosen dimension of the home, we can also cut costs by using less building materials and therefore producing less waste.

Green components

There are many options out there that will make your home eco-friendly. Being LEED certified gives Wardell the latest technologies and information on how to maximize the green abilities in each room. We can go over the different options for windows, wood, bathroom fixtures, air conditioning, etc. that will maximize the efficiency in your home.

With every new home, we like to begin with clear and open communication with your family. Wardell doesn’t start building until we understand which platforms and methods would best suite you and your needs. Once we get a clear idea of how the house will be built, we will go over the interior finishes along with the home maintenance it will take to maximize the efficiency.

Wardell is also green in the construction process by making sure we control dust, eliminate any risks of contamination, protect existing landscaping, recycle appropriate waste and do intricate daily clean ups.

By simplifying what it takes to go green, we believe customers find more satisfaction and less confusion in the planning and building process.

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