Top Household Colors for Spring

No one really grabs a paint brush at the beginning of each year just to match the latest color trends expected to appeal in the coming days, but if you have been thinking about some kind of change around the household for 2018, there are some definite trends already emerging that might interest you.

The home decor experts at some of today's most trustworthy and influential magazines and websites have had ears to the ground for months, and have already identified some of the expected hottest trends in colors for the coming year. In some cases, it means going bold and creative, while other trends are calling for more demure coloration that suits a particular area of the home more comfortably. San Diego home remodeling experts are taking note of these early 2018 color trend winners.

Dining Room Trends

Since many dining rooms in homes are not typically flooded with natural lighting, it's only natural to decorate in a way that overcomes that shortcoming, for instance with a complete stone white background. Walls and ceilings painted this dramatic white color can make a dining room light up with its own inner light that will shine regardless of what is happening outdoors. The best custom home builders have long understood this basic fact, and in 2018, many homeowners will also take advantage of this stark background shading to brighten up the dining room.

Living Room Hues

One of the really exciting trends for living room decoration is a dramatic ultra violet shade, according to Pantone. It will most likely be a huge departure from whatever came before it in the home, and can really wake up an entire home with its attention-getting allure. Adding instant energy and depth to the living room (and possibly other rooms as well), ultra violet if adopted wholeheartedly, can literally dominate the decor of a home. If you're a bit timid about committing to this kind of powerful statement, you can move in that direction incrementally by accessorizing first in the room you've targeted for your ultra violet experiment.

Bathroom Neutrals

According to one of the bellwethers of home decor, Pinterest, predictions based on what its users are pinning point to sage as being hugely popular in 2018. The soft grey-green hue is very comforting to the eyes, and provides the perfect backdrop for having a long, luxuriating soak in the tub. It's also very easy to use as a base color for any decorations. Those same qualities make sage an ideal choice for the bedroom as well.

Kitchen Colors

Trend experts at Etsy are predicting that marigold will be a big winner in kitchen colors this year, as more and more people re-discover its retro 1970s’ appeal, and decorate their kitchens with the mustard-colored hue. Kitchen wallpaper is one possible way to take advantage of the cheeriness which marigold imparts to the surroundings, but strategically placed vases and other articles can help bring about the same feeling of warmth and happiness in one of the household's busiest rooms.

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