Tips To Make Your Move An Easy Transition

Regardless of whether a move is a cross across the neighborhood or somewhere across the state, there's an awful lot involved in preparing to make that move. There are endless tasks like packing and wrapping, arranging with movers, getting kids set up in school at the new location, and placing furniture around the new home. In order to help things go a little smoother, keep some of the following tips in mind.

Use a professional mover

Even if you don't have a lot to move, it's certainly worthwhile to engage the services of a professional, rather than to rent a truck and have friends help move everything. This is especially true if you have it large bulky objects, which professionals can handle with these, or if you have a number of very heavy objects.

Start planning early

It's not too soon to begin planning about six weeks early, because this will avoid many of the most common headaches that pop up as you get closer to moving time. This will also give you time to prepare a moving checklist, and to obtain materials that you will need like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. You'll also be able to start packing nonessential items right away.

Take advantage of the opportunity to purge

Moving time is one of the very best times to start eliminating household goods that you have no further use for. If possible, have a yard sale to unload some of these items, and earn some cash that will help toward the move itself. If you'd rather avoid the hassle of the yard sale, just donate items to people who can still use them.

Use packing kits

If you are going to have more than a single person doing the packing, maintain organization by using a system. Each person who is working on a single room should be provided with a blank inventory sheet, a black marker, and packing materials. Everything packed should be identified on the inventory sheet, and labeled on the box, so nothing gets misplaced or lost.

Establish a general inventory

All the packing sheets which were generated by your group of packers should be gathered up and possibly entered into a spreadsheet, so that you have a general inventory of everything which is being moved. Having an inventory like this will identify exactly what the contents are of each box being moved.

Label boxes on the top and on the side

Make a point of labeling your boxes both on the top and on the sides, because wherever they happen to be placed, a label could be obscured. If you have them labeled on the tops and on the sides, you'll be able to tell what's in the boxes regardless of how they're positioned.

Protect your valuables

Make sure you have a safe place to store your valuables on moving day, for instance any expensive jewelry or breakable items. If you're moving computer equipment, make sure to back up important files, in case any kind of damage occurs in transit.

Find a pet sitter

If you have a pet which might be upset about all the excitement attending moving day, it might be best to leave your pet with a friend, so that it won't have to experience all the excitement and craziness. After you've moved in, you can retrieve the animal again, and all it will have to deal with is the new home and the new setting.

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