To many people's pleasure, when the weather is beginning to cool down the desire to stay poolside or by an air conditioner at all times can begin to dwindle. But before you jump into your cozy sweaters and sip some hot cocoa, you can't neglect the obligatory house maintenance that goes with the changing seasons.

It doesn't need to be a full home makeover, but there are some stress areas to pay extra attention to. If you're ever wondering what you need to do to prepare your house for the brisk season, give these four areas consideration.

Cracked chimneys

A chimney sweep inspection should be done by a certified professional every year and the ideal time to have it done is right before the winter hits. The inspection will protect your house from water leakage and hot spots. By having someone do a chimney sweep, any problematic areas of rust, flashing disruption, and water damage can be recognized and fixed.

Chimney sweep and inspection cost: typically $100 to $200

A couple hundred dollars could save you thousands down the road from repairs to the chimney and even the inside of the home.

Faulty, dirty furnaces

A professional inspection and cleaning of the furnace is necessary due to the chances of carbon monoxide buildup, which can be deadly. Along with being a safety hazard, an unkempt furnace can result in frozen and burst pipes. An inspection will lead to the removal of buildup soot and dirt and will also help protect any future buildups from occurring.

Furnace inspection cost: around $150

Furnace inspection and cleaning cost: around $290

The more damages that go unattended will lead to a costly furnace dismantle and winter is not the season where you want to be lacking heat.

Damaged roofs

Protect both the inside and outside of your home by getting a roof inspection before the season changes. Water damage is very prevalent in roofs and can result in rot and water damaging items inside the home.

Roof inspection cost: about $170

All vents will be sealed and cracks will be replaced saving you from a roof replacement in the future and adding up to 40 years of life onto your existing roof. Did I mention a roof replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars? With that being said, you definitely don't want to neglect it.

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