Best way to build your deck

A deck can add so much to house; it can be a place of serenity or a social gathering area. You’ve probably already considered the size, location and access components of building a deck, but the work doesn’t stop there. Here are different structural elements to take into consideration to maximize its design and function.

Low maintenance materials

Composites, PVC and aluminum materials are increasing in the deck world. They’re low maintenance and still look great. Look into the materials that will save you money while adding a great design to your deck.

Stain color

The stain color of a deck should flow nicely with the exterior of your home. Alternating the stain color can also add a livelier and more luxurious look to your deck.


There are many innovative ways to add lighting to decks. Whether it’s on the stairs, in the wood or through lamps, you can mix it up at night. Low voltage light bulbs are also fitting for saving money while adding decorative style.


Deck railings are the most prominent part of the deck. They are there for safety, but that does not have to be their sole purpose. Mix up your railings by looking at different materials of glass, metal and low maintenance materials. It’s important to have your deck represent the exterior style of your home and finding the right railing design is the best way to do so.

Space underneath

Depending on the location of your deck, there can be a lot done underneath it. Talk to your builder about different uses you could get from the space. Water drainage systems can make that area the designated place to sit on a rainy day.

Built-in furniture: benches, planters and pergolas

Different furniture and shade designs can maximize the function of your deck while also giving it a unique look. Consider different types of seating and planters to make your deck a place to socialize and relax. Pergolas also provide shade and come in numerous designs and styles that could add to your house or outdoor area.

Screen porches

Screen porches are one way to enhance the life of your deck in any weather conditions. There are many designs out there to make a screen porch the luxurious getaway in your home. You can choose different designs to make it as inclusive of a feel as desired.

Hot tubs

If you plan on having a hot tub on your deck, you’ll want to plan during the design process. Find the best place for a view or where a hot tub would best fit. Design around it so the hot tub can be its own oasis and look like it belongs.

Pool decks

A pool deck can be a great way to make your pool blend with your home while providing additional area for seating and eating. With a pool deck, everyone doesn’t have to be in the water to be having a fun time and enjoying the outdoors. It maximizes the function of your pool and lawn area while adding more design to your home.

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