Pros and Cons of Living at Home During a Renovation

During the gradual process of home remodeling, which can take quite a while depending on the extent of the renovations, it is important to be smart about how you are going about your house in order to ensure your safety. Here are a few tips that we love to suggest to our clients if they are receiving a remodel that still allows them to reside in their home front.

Pro’s and Con’s

Just like we do everything in life with a pro’s and con’s list, choosing to live in your home during the remodel is no exception. Here are some advantages that might make your “stay” worthwhile.

  • Save money by not staying at a hotel or having to put a pet up at a kennel
  • Being able to manage the crew’s progress throughout remodel
  • If or when issues arise, communication with us is easier being inside the house

Now, here are some disadvantages.

  • Loud noises that could scare your pets or young children
  • Possibly lengthen the home remodel process by being “in the way”
  • Leaving and staying with friends or family could end up being cheaper than staying at home due to the concentration you are allowing the crew to finish early
  • Avoid dust and mess because it will get messy folks

Schedule Construction Times

If you do choose to stay at home and since the loud noises and invasive tactics used to deliver home remodels tend to get in the way of sleep, work and everything else, our first suggestion is to be direct about the hours that are available to carry out the job. Hopefully, you travel to the office to work so we are not getting in the way of your daily work routine, but if you happen to work from home, living there during construction might not be the best thing for you. When choosing us to execute this major life decision and lifestyle change, it is imperative that you are upfront with us just as we will be with you; open community is key. If you are interested in residing in your home during construction to cut costs, which we understand, it is even more vital that we discuss this work schedule ahead of time.

Designate Non-Construction Zones

In order to move about your business while at home, it is important to clarify on and seal off certain areas of the house you wish to remain “unscathed,” or clean. For instance, a home office might be far from the renovation site so you will just communicate to us that you want to block off this area; it’s as simple as that. Another helpful thing for the crew is to remove all fragile objects from construction site areas so we don’t have to worry about tiptoeing around or breaking something; this will also give you peace at mind that these objects are far from the rubble that will temporarily be your home.

Make Sure Pets and Children Are Safe

The worst thing we could imagine is for someone to get hurt during this process, especially an animal or young child. If you are going to be home during the remodel and have younger children, it is imperative that you verbalize to them where in the house they can go and not go and make sure you keep an eye on them at all times. As much as we are responsible for ourselves during the remodel and obstacles that can present themselves, we appreciate when our clients take responsibility for themselves and their belongings. This goes the same for pets, we hope that you understand that we want to keep designated areas closed off so animals do not wander in and get hurt.

Always Wear Shoes

When walking through both the non-construction zones and zones specifically designated for construction is home remodel 101 that you and your children must ALWAYS wear shoes. Glass, wood and other sharp objects are likely to travel within and around the home’s vicinity and we would hate to see you and your family (even pets) step on a harmful object and need medical attention.

Choose Us Today

Although there are many things to take into consideration when choosing to remodel the place that you feel safest in the world, we believe that a simple update to your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patio, or whatever you choose can change your life. That is why we got into this business and love what we do, but we also take safety very seriously and hold you to the same standards. If you are interested in giving your home a fresh look and feel, contact us today to renovate or build the home of your dreams.