New Home Features That You're Sure To Love

If you've been thinking about building your dream home, or you're looking to purchase a San Diego luxury home, there will be more ways than ever for you to add value and excitement to it with some new features now available. As you might expect, these new features will be tailored to the changing dynamic of home life in America, which means multi-generational living under the same roof, greater use of technology, and shifting interests in hobbies and recreational pursuits. Let's get right to examining some of the exciting trends soon to be offered by San Diego custom home builders.

Accommodations For Multiple Generations

Changing social habits are influencing the makeup of households more and more, and that's being reflected in the way home owners alter their living space. Elderly parents are living with their adult children more now than in past years, and the reverse scenario is also becoming much more common - younger adults are living longer at home. Some of the most common additions needed are additional main-floor bedrooms, and basements which can be converted into small apartment areas.

Roof Decks

These are gaining in popularity rapidly, as one very convenient way of taking advantage of available space without extending out into the backyard or along the side of a home. They provide a great view of the neighborhood and surrounding landscape, and they allow you to keep free space around the house open for natural usage.

Spiritual Gardens

Many home owners associate their outdoor garden space with the concept of a safe haven, somewhere to reflect and be rid of anxiety. This is a very natural lead-in to making that garden space an area of spiritual reflection and personal time. Adding in some religious motifs, such as statues, stained glass creations, and subtle plants can really enhance the experience.

Technology Features

Luxury homes in San Diego are taking advantage of many cutting-edge technology gadgets and features which make home life easier and more enjoyable. With the proliferation of products which can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), more devices are becoming smart devices which can add value and customize an experience for the owner. Some possibilities are chilled glass-enclosed wine rooms, automatic sprinklers, and smart house automation features like security systems, voice activation, and automatic lighting.

Bathrooms That Pamper

There are a whole slew of ways you can pamper yourself with bathroom enhancements. Some ideas are body jets and steam showers, heated toilet seats, and plumbing fixtures which have touch-less operation.

Home Gyms Or Theater Rooms

Some home owners are now beginning to incorporate into their luxury home design full-sized areas for recreation and entertainment. While home theaters aren't really new, creating an actual mini-theater room is taking that idea to a new level. Home gyms, indoor basketball courts, and even bowling alleys are becoming more commonplace in luxury homes now.

Green Home Features

Greens placed strategically around the home is certainly not a new concept, but it does seem to be an idea that's gaining more momentum these days, as people become even more aware of the environment. Hanging plants and creative planters around the home can add significantly to natural overall appeal.

Ultra-functional Kitchens

This is a very high-end collection of potential features to include in your home, including ideas like these: variable counter top heights, soft flooring, smart steam ovens, indoor gardening kits, and separate refrigerator/freezer units.

Collapsible Window Walls

Collapsible window walls are quickly becoming a very popular feature requested of custom home builders in the region. They make it very convenient to separate indoor and outdoor living spaces when bad weather is afoot, and they can be collapsed at other times to create a huge combined living area.

Over-sized Closet Space

It seems that everyone wants to have multiple walk-in closets when building custom homes in San Diego, both for ease of access and for having extra room to build up a larger wardrobe. To make it even more functional and accessible, many of these over-sized closet areas will have their own built-in organization. Want to learn more about new home features that are ideal for you? Contact us today.