Guide for Finding the Right Custom Home Builder in Southern California

When you're ready to build that new custom home you've been dreaming about, probably the single most important decision you can make next is choosing the right San Diego custom home builders to work with. In order to help you make that decision intelligently, a simple checklist is provided below, so you don't overlook the most important points and get stuck in an awkward arrangement that might be difficult to get out of.

Seek Recommendations

You may already know someone like a friend or relative who has had great success with a particular contractor, and recommendations like these can be very useful. It's also worthwhile consulting with your local homebuilder's association to obtain a list of the best custom home builders in San Diego, so that you have a good starting point.

Online Reputation

Online testimonials can provide great feedback, because they're written by actual customers of builders in the area. These are unsolicited reviews of client experiences with various builders, so they carry fairly high credibility, and they very often have specific details to support a client's claim, whether it's favorable or otherwise.

Length Of Time In Business

While a new builder in the area might very well be competent and have all the requisite skills to do a great job, the more practical choice would be to stick with a custom home builder who has been in the business a long time. During the course of many years within a profession, contractors acquire expertise and knowledge that a newcomer simply has not had the opportunity to encounter and absorb. Wardell Builders of San Diego recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in the custom home-building profession - a quarter of a century in making dreams come true for area residents.

Check With The BBB

It's always a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that a potential contractor has a legitimate business, and that there have been no serious complaints from customers about their work.

Ask For Work Examples

Don't be bashful about this. If you're considering a working relationship with a company that might be building your dream home, you'll want to be sure they are up to the task, and you'll want to see examples of the kind of work they've done before. Contact the home builders on your list, and ask to see samples of homes they've built in the past, and maybe even some they're working on now. This might go a long way toward showing you the kind of work they're capable of, and it also might serve to have them crossed off your list.

Licensed And Insured

Be sure that any serious candidate is licensed and insured. If not, when there's any kind of injury on the job to workers, it's possible that you may be held liable and have to foot the bill for medical costs.

Consider Communications

In all of the exchanges you've had with a custom home building candidate, did you feel that good communications were there? When a major construction project like this begins, and for a long time afterward, the communications between client and contractor can be crucial. If honest and open communication is missing, you might not end up with exactly what you wanted, or there could be a big gap between planned finish time and actual finish time.

Beware Of Low-Sounding Bids

If a bid from a contractor sounds low, a red flag should be raised in your head - it may be a sign that cost-cutting is involved somewhere. Don't get fooled or sucked in by a bid that seems like a steal.

Sound Business Footing

Make sure that any prospective contractor does have a permanent business address, and that the contractor's reputation with local banks and businesses is a positive one. If this is lacking, you're probably better to steer clear.

Examine A Contract Closely

This almost goes without saying, but any contract between you and your builder should be meticulously examined to make sure there are no hidden surprises or clauses which work to your disadvantage. Also review all warranties associated with materials and construction, as well as the homeowner manual. It might even be worthwhile to have your lawyer take a look at it for your own protection.

Finding The Best

Finding the best custom home builder to work with is vital to the success of your new custom-built home. If you'd like to have a great starting point, contact Wardell Builders of San Diego and find out just how smooth the process can be, and how dedicated Wardell Builders is to making every single customer completely happy.