Fall Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

When fall returns, there's a certain invigorating tinge to the air, that gets the creative juices flowing, and makes a homeowner want to add some special touch to the home that is very different, and yet complements the season very well. Below are described a few ideas that you might consider, and which will be sure to get the attention of the homeowners all around you. This year, go the extra mile and go bold to have everyone around you marveling at the seasonal appeal and charm of your autumn creations.

Get creative with doors

Door décor doesn’t have to be just for Thanksgiving or just for Christmas - you can come up with some ideas in between holidays that will make your neighbors want to Grinch your door decorations and plant them on their own doors. Using some silk ribbons and a hot glue gun, attach several pine cones to the ends of the ribbons, and then tie the silk ribbons together and hang the complete creation on your door. Add in a few leaves and berries as a finishing touch, and then sit on the couch near the door to watch your guests turn Grinch-y green.

Daily chalkboard greetings

Welcome your guests throughout the fall and holiday season with a unique chalkboard greeting, which you can change as often as your mood changes. You can either buy a simple chalkboard at the hobby store, or create one with some chalkboard paint and an old tray. If someone in the family has a knack for writing script, have that person compose the greetings, and tailor them to the weather, the holidays, or how you feel about getting up for work every day.

Outdoor dining area

You can really go for it, and create an outdoor room that is sure to WOW your seasonal guests, but be prepared to put some serious effort into this fall decor idea. You might even need to enlist the aid of your most energetic household members to pull it off. Nothing is as cozy on San Diego nights as an outdoor fireplace retreat for your visitors, complete with a gorgeous garland-framed mantle, with contrasting magnolia and oak leaves. Install an over-sized garden pot for a nice contemporary look on one side, and set out some plush furniture to help your guests relax - and wish they'd had the motivation and the imagination that you did.

Farmhouse front porch

Start your farmhouse front porch decor with a faux twig-wreath that includes silk flower inserts throughout the wreath, and attach this to the front door. Stack a bale of hay on each side of the door, with a pumpkin or two resting on each bale, and some fresh flowers for contrast. Add in a lantern frame on either side, and you'll have created some country appeal that your neighbors and friends will be snapping photos of without telling you!

Seasonal welcome mat

This idea will have everyone in the neighborhood trying to imitate your crafting skills and your flair for autumn decoration. Make a hand-painted welcome mat with a theme that appeals to your taste (and which will be sure to dazzle the whole block), using a very simple stencil-and-tracing technique. Just trace out any fall shapes you like, e.g. pumpkin, cat, witch, cornucopia, etc., and tape them to your blank doormat. Using a foam brush, you can then dab paint over the stencils, and just wait for them to dry. Add in a few porch decorations, and you have an all-new fall welcome mat to proudly display!

Home renovations, room additions, and new custom houses

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