Build Proccess

Before anything else, Wardell focuses on having complete communication with clients. We want to know exactly what you want so we can aim to give you a home you will love. We also believe it is essential for the homeowner to be kept up to date with the building process and to know the detailed planning schedule. You will know what is expected and what will be accomplished on a regular basis.

We will meet for the project tasks and design questions together to allow for the best use of your time and to maximize project efficiency. Wardell will provide timelines for the construction of the home along with a comprehensive toolkit for tracking your team’s decisions and selections. We will also ask you to attend walk-throughs where you can give input on important decisions and approvals.

Throughout the entire process, it is our goal to provide complete communication so you feel in the loop with the construction phases and the use of your money and time. Above anything else, Wardell Builders aims to bring you a custom home that reflects your personality and desires. We want your home to be one you can enjoy for many years.