Considering a Dream, Green Home? 7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Builder

If you are considering the construction of a new green home which can be your dream home for years to come, then you've made a wonderful decision which will be extremely beneficial for your family and for the environment we all live in. But when you get ready to start considering contractors and builders who might be ideal for building your dream home, you have to be a little bit cautious.

These days, 'going green' is definitely the trendy thing to do, and business people realize how popular the movement is in the country, so many of them may give lip service to using green methods, without really being genuine about it. To be sure you're working with a home builder in San Diego who is truly dedicated to using green materials and green methods, you'll need to ask some direct questions that will tell you how committed he/she really is.

The Seven Big Questions

Make sure to have some comprehensive discussions with your candidate contractors, so you can find out if they are really making use of green methods, or if they're just talking a good game. You'll want to know if they're on the same page as you are with green methods and materials, and whether they're the right company to do the kind of job you want.

Do you have experience and credentials with sustainable design in Southern California?

Have your builder candidates had any training in sustainable design, and have they won any awards or been recognized for their achievements?

What types of materials do you use for construction?

You should be able to find examples of homes they've build in the past, so you can determine if they really have used green materials.

What is the best position to take advantage of natural light and cross ventilation?

It's very important how your house is oriented toward the sun and wind direction, in order to take advantage of both.

What kind of HVAC systems will be used to make the house as energy-efficient as possible?

Your new home should take advantage of the most holistic and most advanced systems available, and if your home can be built such that it uses net zero energy for heating and cooling, you will be at the top of the efficiency chain.

What kind of look would be best for this area, and still be something I appreciate?

Are you looking for something which is more steeped in charm and tradition, or something which has more contemporary, geometric lines?

What is the best way to maximize natural light in Southern California?

Windows, doors, and skylights will all come into play when establishing the best possible orientation to the sun, and for receiving full winter sun, as well as reduced summer sun.

What are the best ways of minimizing power usage in Southern California?

Will your contractor candidate be using top-notch insulation in the walls, sub-floors, and ceilings, so as to retain warmth in the winter and cool, refreshing air in the summer.

Help with building your dream green home

There are so many great reasons to invest in a green home, including the likelihood of saving money, helping to protect the environment, and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. The long-term evidence of green home living shows nothing but positive results. San Diego Home Builders are ready to help you get started with the green home of your dreams. For more information or to obtain a quote, call (858) 793-4190, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.