Repair & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance team consists of highly skilled craftsmen and technicians who will bring their expertise to the service you need done. We pride ourselves on having dependable, organized, hard-working and driven employees. Our maintenance routine allows every home to see an increase in longevity while also being significantly improved.

With every new client, we like doing a home inspection where we can fully evaluate the structural, technical and aesthetic components of your home. This way we can provide you a full report of our findings and recommendations for any further service. Wardell also utilizes preventative maintenance so each job continues to enhance your home's value and efficiency.

It is important for homeowners to understand the necessity of keeping up with house maintenance since the issues truly never go away. Far too often there are large and highly expensive maintenance jobs that could have been prevented by doing smaller ones earlier on. Call us today to discuss any current problems you may have along with any visions you see for the future.

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Repair & Maintenance Team

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