10 Insanely Gorgeous Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall is a time for making a few changes to your interior decor, to add a different look and to enhance your appreciation of any given room. This fall, a number of diverse possibilities have emerged as the favorites of social media users looking for ideas, and some of the best of these are shown below. If you really want to go bold, you can install room additions in San Diego with the help of Wardell Builders, or you can stick with some simple enhancements that make existing rooms a little more appealing for fall.

Blush is a trending color for fall

While this might seem like more of a springtime color, it can be just as appropriate for the autumn season, especially when paired with some light grays and cool blues. The surging popularity of this color palette has attracted major attention from users on Pinterest, who have searched for it and downloaded it at a rate six times higher than last year.

Hanging decor

Hanging decor is a perfect way to feature a little hint of nature in your home, with some good options being leaves, branches, feathers, and even small flower pots or other containers. This is a very tasteful and natural way of adding a touch of the outdoors to at least one room, although when you see its appeal, you may want to extend the concept to others.

Plush velvet

The truth is that velvet is popular at pretty much any time of year, and in almost any year you care to decorate with it. The starkly beautiful colors and the warmth expressed by the fabric itself, make it a great choice for bringing highlights to any room you choose. A luxurious sofa would immediately become the centerpiece of your living room, and will provide you with some great options for coordinating other pieces in the room.

Green - various shades of green and bringing the outdoors in

Who says fall has to be about oranges and yellows? For many Pinterest users this year, autumn will be more about hanging some greenery on walls, or bringing in some traditional decorations like gourds, and painting them a soft, subtle green. For those reluctant to say goodbye to summer so soon, this is a very convenient way of extending the season.


When cooler weather makes its return, candles, fireplaces, and lanterns are the instinctive choices for enhancing room decor. This year, decorators are turning to pillar lanterns as a way of infusing warmth and style to dining room tables, living room coffee tables, and really almost anywhere that will make a room feel more cozy and more comfortable.

Earth-tone pieces

Adding earth-tone pieces to your living spaces will provide that warm, cozy feel that seems perfect when a chill gets in the air each autumn. The subtle connection it makes between your interior and the natural world will give everyone in the household a safe and snug feeling for the onset of cooler weather.

Mix and match styles

Rather than insisting on matching designs and styles, many home decorating ideas this fall are a little more daring, making use of several different styles for interior living areas. Furniture and accessories can be fairly eclectic in design and style, while a unifying color palette can still bring harmony to the total effect.

Mixing bright colors

If you can't really commit to one or two colors that especially appeal to you this fall - don't even bother trying. Incorporate as many different bright colors as you like in featuring your new fall decor. Mixing bright colors is a perfect way to perk up any particular living space which needs more life.

Bold graphic patterns

Bold graphics are being used more and more these days to make an interior statement, and you can either go big with it by installing colorful wallpaper, or you can test the waters by adding some patterned accessories.

Play with textures

This is a decor idea which you can really get outrageously creative with, because there are literally a ton of different ways to go with it. Contrasting textures can add life and variety to your decorating scheme, and you can work with literally anything that catches your artistic eye. Surfaces which reflect light will be big this fall for both home decor and fashion, so you might want to explore some possibilities with vinyl, plastic, or metal.

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